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Jun 15, 2007
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Hi,can recomend which brand off lash extensions are the best.Id like to add it as a new treatment?And were to start prices from.While ive been training i only charged £5.Someone told me i was mad???
I offer the wee 'clumps' of lashes (which are called individual lashes for some reason) which last for about 5days or so.
I get them in Salon Services and are by Salon Professional. They offer black or clear adhesive and a remover.
I charge £10 per set and can do them in about 20 mins.
Although I have a customer who has them on permanently and I only touch them up every week and I charge her £5 as she always has another treatment as well (waxing or tannng).
i do Nouveau lash extensions these are the individual eyelashes, one to each i lash, i love them and really enjoy doing them they look fab and really natural but i must say its hard worka t first but just practise practise xx

heres a link for you hu to check it out xx:hug:xx

i do nouveau lashes too i think theyre great
I'm a Nouveau Lashes girl too. I find them excellent.

Clients all love them too!
I'm a Nouveau girl too! :)

Although now I'm self emlployed, I'm wondering if I might stick to Nouveau glue and sealant but try a cheaper brand of lashes? My logic is surely it's the prep of the lashes and the quality of the glue and how they are applied that makes them last? There's a lashes starter kit in Sally's for £85 as opposed to the £££hundreds they cost from Nouveau. I might give it a go on a few friends and see what the results are. I've been doing it for about 2 years. It's well worth it clients love this treatment. I charged £60 a set in the salon and now charge £40 a set mobile.

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