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Aug 26, 2014
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Hi I was just looking for advice with lash lift. I've done a lot and have good results most of the time but sometimes I have a set that I can't see a huge improvement, only a slight lift. I've attached 2 photos one of a good set with a good result and one I was a bit disappointed with. I used medium shields on both and left the solutions on for the recommended time. I use salon services products. Starting to think I should have gone with lvl as all the pics I've seen of them have shown really noticeable results. Thanks in advance
Were the lashes the same length on each client? I use Flirties and I use small shields more often than not unless the lashes are long or the client doesn't want a dramatic lift. Also do you use sachets or bottles and were the new for each client? I use a new sachets for each client to ensure the product is at its maximum strength.
I was just about to say the lashes look a bit shorter so i would try a small shield and see if you get a better result
I think the first one, hers were slightly longer. Yeah I used new sachets too. Yeah I haven't tried small shields actually so maybe I need to give them a try?
Looking at the second picture, I would of definitely used small shields. I regularly use small, give them a go. :)
Ok I'll get some small and try them out, thanks for your help [emoji4]

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