Lash lifting


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As there are so many posts about this great treatment, I thought it may be helpful to post a step by step guide.

I'm sure everyone will have their own little ways but, through trial and error, this is what I have found works best for me

I use Salon Systems products as they are the most cost effective but I honestly think all brands are pretty much the same. Products dont have a long shelf life so, if you don't do many, the individual sachets are probably a better option. I mostly use medium sized shields as I find these work for most people. Small shields for very short lashes, Large shields for very long lashes

Cleanse Lashes
I use the protein remover pads that you get for lash extensions but any oil free remover will do.

Tape down lower lashes
To ensure the bottom lashes aren't curled, I get client to look up and put 2 strips of micropore tape over the lower lashes in a "V" shape.

Apply the Shields
Put a line of adhesive along the lower edge of the shields and apply as close to the lash line as possible. Hold the shields at either end for about 20 seconds to ensure they stick.
Tip. If client has very small or deep set eyes, I cut a bit of the shield off to make it shorter in length

Attach the lashes to the shield
This is the part that can give you most problems! Be patient
Apply a line of adhesive along the base of the shield from outer edge to halfway. I brush the adhesive upwards from the base of the shield. It can take a few seconds to go tacky so I lift the lashes up and hold until they stick. I use a dental style tool but you can use an orangewood stick or microbrush.
Apply adhesive from the middle of the shield to the inner corner and repeat. This may take a few attempts (especially if client has strong lashes) but persevere and make sure they are all stuck well.
Tip: Try to make sure lashes are quite neatly stuck. If they are crossed over or clumped, it WONT look good at the end)

Apply Perming Lotion (Pink)
Using a microbrush, apply the perming lotion to the BASE of the lashes. I just dot it right underneath the lash line and then brush it up.
Tip: Make sure to apply right at the base. This is where the lift is created. If you don't get this right, you won't get a lift

Leave this to process for the required time (I leave mine on for 15 minutes) Cover eyes with cling film and then put a folded facecloth on top.

Apply Fixing Lotion (Blue)
The perming lotion will have broken down the structure of the lashes. If it has worked, lashes will appear really weak and flimsy. Take this opportunity to make sure they are sitting nice and straight. Apply the blue fixing lotion in exactly the same way.
It is this stage that will "set" the lift.
Leave to process as before

Remove Products
Use damp cotton wool to thoroughly clean the lashes. The products will continue to process and lashes may frizz if they are not properly cleaned.

Tint (if required)
This is when I tint. I remove the tape from lower lashes and place a damp, refocticil paper shield UNDER the lower lashes to protect the skin (you can use a wet cotton pad cut in half) I put vaseline on the back

Apply tint onto lashes. I just apply right on top of the shield and lift the lower lashes up on to it too.

Cleanse lashes with damp cotton wool

Nourish lashes

Carefully remove lashes from shield and then remove shield
Apply nourishing lotion to lashes with a cotton bud

I wash the shields in hot soapy water, sterilise in Milton Solution and reuse.

I hope that's covered everything. If I've not explained anything very well or missed anything out, pm me and I'll edit this
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Fantastic step by step instructions. Really clear! Thank you x

Thank you for taking the time to do this very clear and concise instructions x


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I had been using the nourishing lotion then tinting afterwards.

I also had been taking the shields off and tinting the other way: Youre way seems quicker.

I was also questioning whether it would be ok to reuse the shields: Money saver for sure.


fab step by step instructions.....just one mention adhesive to place the lashes onto the shields...which one do you use??



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we were told in training that some people cover with clingfilm but not shown could you explain how? All I can get when I think of it is a picture in my head of some dodgy politician and auto erotic asphyiation!


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Sorry for late replies.

I use the dolly lash adhesive from lashbase.

With the clingfilm, I just place a narrow length loosely over clients eyes then put a folded facecloth on top


Hey I know I'm like 4 years behind haha but I've just qualified in salon system and regarding the lotion do you put it over the full lashes or just half way up. Thank you xx