Lash Perfect Ultimate II glue, your thoughts!


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May 23, 2011
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Morning all

Just wondered if anybody has tried the Ultimate II adhesive vials from Lash Perfect ? is it better than the Ultimate I and odour free? Thanks
Anyone ??? Thanx
Hi there
I have switched to the ultimate ll and it's fab! I loved the ultimate l and got brilliant results with it but the ll is even better!
Definately recommend!
Thanks for replying appreciate it ! Just waiting for the parcel to arrive today got a set booked for later so will be able to try ! Is it sad to get excited about a glue lol !! X
I got just as excited trying it for the first time!! Lol, I'm going on the lash perfect advanced course next week! mega excited about that! :) x
I find it is really good but it makes people's eye water
I think it's really good lashes last longer and so much quicker to apply but yes customers eyes water and some have said they feel like they have a cold whilst you are applying the lashes, I did have to stop whilst doing my mums lashes because she felt she couldn't breath

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