Lashes not staying on

I am having a problem with a couple of people's lashes all coming off. One girl is returning almost weekly because they have come out and I am not sure why?! She says she's done everything she's supposed to and I have tried different things but they still come out. Today I didn't put sealant on so will see if that makes a difference but also I was confused because there was still glue on most of her lashes where they had been and not sure why this would be??
Please help xx


I tend to find that if I’m having a problem with just one client, rather than them all, that it’s a problem their end. It sounds like she might be playing with them if the glue is still there. That or she’s done something to make the glue brittle so the lashes have broken such as shock curing after getting them wet or something. I’d go with she plays with them, sleeps on them, brushes or cleans them too roughly etc.

I say this as a girl who does lash extensions but cannot wear them as I can’t stop touching them without realising I’m doing it so they always fall out within a week.


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Are her natural lashes still there or do you think she is picking them? Most of the time it is aftercare especially if you are only having problems with one specific client. It could be simple things like make up, moisturiser, make up remover etc. Some creams and products seem to "crawl" so even if they are not applied right on the lashes they can affect the retention.
I would suggest an oil free make up remover and for her to cleanse the lashes morning and night to see if that changes it. She might just have oily skin and if she does not cleanse the lashes regularly this could affect the retention greatly.

Her lashes are still there and also still have glue on so not sure why the lash extensions have come off because the glue hasn't desolved ??


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Is it just this one client you are having problems with? If your client is not looking after her lashes and the retention if affected it doesnt mean that the adhesive will dissolve or disappear but it just means that the bond can be affected and the extensions wont last. If it is only this one client then its obviously something she is doing xx