Lashes only lasting just 2 weeks before infills


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Sep 5, 2013
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Hi girls

I nee some advice please. Ive been doing lashes now for a few month and have been using Lash Revolution Pro Glue. My clients have been coming back to me for infills near the 2 week point and seem to have lost ALOT of lashes.
I used to have lashes on myself and i found my lashes used to last at least 3 weeks and i didnt loose too many.
Can anyone give me some advice, tips or recommend a stronger glue?
Also how long does everyone elses lashes last before infills are needed?

Much Appreciated
Many Thanks :D
Hi, I've never used that glue, is it very fast drying? I think I've heard good things about it on here...
2weeks isn't an abnormal amount of time before infills but from what you're saying I gather the loss is more than just natural shedding.
Are you definitely applying them properly? Could the glue be too fast for you and be starting to set before you've positioned the lash meaning it doesn't adhere properly?
If you're wanting a different adhesive I'm sure there has been a poll on here for the best ones... I'll try and find it. X
Is your glue more than 3 months old? If so, it will be past its shelf life and need replacing. You will find more lash loss with an out of date adhesive. xx
Glues do make a difference. I go to a lash tech by me and the first I went she used Nouveau glue and they lasted 2 or 3 weeks. Next time I had them done, I took my Platinum II glue from Lash Perfect with me for her to use. Anyway I had to remove what was left of them yesterday. I had had them on for 7 weeks and still had about 30 left on each eye!.
My lash tech has just bought the Lash Revolution glue so next time I have them done I will see how long they last :)

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