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Apr 26, 2012
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I am totally new to the site and looking for some perils of wisdom :biggrin:

I am due to return to salon work after a 6 year gap which i spent woking within the sales side of beauty industry.

Before i return to the salon i want to brush up on my skills and intorduce a few new treatments.

I understand lashes are now big business and at christmas i filled in at a friends salon and it was crazy with eyelash appointments! When i trained in beauty, part of it was eyelash extension (cluster lashes) and it was just a few we were told to apply to outer corners. That was over a decade ago and i know things have now changed quite a bit.

I know that clusher/ flare lashes are now applied all over the eye and called party/weekend lashes.

I am also aware of semi-perminet lashes that isolate the lash for more longer term wear and i think i am keen to train in this treatment.

I have also heard about the express lashes, as i understand it they have to be removed after 2 weeks and they give a more fuller look than the semi.

Now have i got this right?? Its just i am a little confused:confused:

When i filled in at the salon the girl who had just finished up doing the beauty had been doing lots of lashes however i was horrified when i seen a few of her clients, some had chunks of lashes missing, complete gaps! in the end i talked these clients into some strip lashes for going on their christmas nights out. I then found out that the previous girl had been using cluster lashes but using the glue for semis on them? Clients had been told that they would last 4-6weeks and they did but everyone was missing lashes by the end of it. Clients also told me she would just run glue all over the tops of the lashes onced they had been applied but a few said there eys felt sore and crusty after this.

I was happy to put on cluster lashes for clients in what ever style they wanted (natural, full) but i couldnt do it like that nor tell people that they last 4-6 weeks cause they dont! I am right ladies or have things really changed that much? Had this girl been trying to make them into an express styled lash?? even though they are not?? It just leaves a bit of a problem for me returning to the salon as there is a group of clients who love the big full lash look that last for a few weeks but are expecting to get that from a cluster lash! So should i do express lashes??

What companies offer the express? and do you have to train in them? i am unsure of this as i have been told its a non isolating meathod so would my NC & HNC beauty qualification cover me for this treatment and for insurance?

Also any thoughts ladies in threading? i am booked to do a course next week and do you find its a profitable/ popular treatment to offer?

Much thanks geeks!!xx
Any advice geeks! x
Oh dear lord this terrifies me!!

There is a massive misunderstanding when it comes to eyelash extensions.

The semi permanent ones should last 4-6 weeks and you can have them topped up and never really have to have them removed.

The express lashes are applied in a different way and are layered on top so the extensions are attached to multiple lashes, not just one natural lash, this is why they have to come off after 2 weeks. As the natural lashes start to grow, they will pull against each other and can hurt your eyes.

The clusters are ok if you are applying them with a strip lash glue. then they can take them off themselves, same as strip lashes (although i have seen many eyes with gappy lashes from ladies using these clusters too often and just ripping them out). I have a client who started having semi-permanent extensions after using clusters all the time, and her natural lashes pretty much doubled in length and thickness within a couple of months, just because she wasnt pulling at them all the time!

When you do express lashes you can put a few clusters in using the semi-permanent extension glue, just to thicken them up a bit. But again i will always stress to my clients that they must be removed after 2 weeks to prevent any damange to their natural lashes.

I feel so bad for those who have had glue just run across their eyes!!! this would have made them itchy, red and sore, especially if it was touching the skin OUCH!

I wouldnt let any of this put you off of doing the training though. Lashes are becoming more and more popular and people are realising that they dont have to be big and fake. you can create some really natural looks so this caters for everybody! As long as they are applied and looked after correctly...
Sounds like you know far more than the girl who was doing them. Everything you have understood is correct:D

What that therapist was doing is shocking and will result in long term lash damage.

You need to check with your insurer but my understanding is that you DO need a qualification to be using the SP glue.

You could try Glam Lash or Lash Revolution for training in your area. Both companies offer training so just see which one will suit you best.

I find threading makes a great add on treatment with lashes.
Thats so much for getting back to me, i was just unsure as to what was going on!

As i said only prob now is people are expecting the cluster lashes to last longer than they should! I cant really do anything about that though, its just a shame when people tell clients stuff like this:twisted:

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