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May 19, 2011
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So iv just tried out my laurens way intense spray tan , they sent me a sample through a few weeks ago and have been waiting to try it. First impressions are good, nice guide colour and nice smell!! No horrible tan smell and not sticky! Will let you know how it is when I shower tommrrow. Does anyone else use this and would you recomend switching to it? X
Tested my original sample last week and like you I'm really impressed. Great application, guide colour and ok smell. Wash off colour nice and fade off has been great! My guinea pig loves it too!

They have a nice retail range. I think I might stock it alongside my usual solution :biggrin:
I found it to have a bit of an orange tone to it, but all my clients who want it are after that look.

I found it sold very well, when the only way is Essex was on I did a offer and it just worked so well. My clients who don't watch it or are not into it don't want it, so I think it's all down to the name. X
Would you say it's expensive? X
The thing is with Lauren's way is I think it will just be a craze and it won't be popular for long so going to stick with nouvatan x
The thing is with Lauren's way is I think it will just be a craze and it won't be popular for long so going to stick with nouvatan x

I agree with you auzz xx
We just had some Lauren's Way sent to us in Malaysia, it went on really nice and smelled nice too but we didn't think it looked that dark the next day. Also it probably will be a short fad so we think we will stick with sienna x for now. Has anyone tried that famous dave's tan?
One of my wee customers was telling me in Belfast they going mad for Laurens tan, so keen to know more about it, but I've been with a-tan 4 years and still getting really good results and response think the Laurens way will appeal to the younger towie watcher market but thinking of getting samples where do you get it from?
i love laurens way tan i think it gives a really natural colour and not orange at all x
Ok so here it is next morn before washing it off x now I can smell that fake tan smell, will let you know how it looks once washed off. For samples contact laurens way x


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I stock Laurens Way alongside my regular solution OMG and it has brought me new business, the girls who ask for it absolutely love it but I agree its the brand they buy into more than the result (not that its a bad result!) which is fine as happy clients = happy me!!:)
I really want to buy some but no idea what % to get?
And amy childs....
I won't be switching to laurens way, it's a nice colour (bit orange) but it's not as dark as I'd like alot of it washed off x

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