Lava Shells


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I'm considering investing in lava shells as Im fairly sure I have started to develop repetitive strain injury in my right hand and was hoping these could possibly help when Im doing massage.

For any therapists that use the shells would you recommend it as a treatment and to ease tension in my wrist ?

How does it compare to a manual hands on massage ?


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Hi Bombini, firstly, have you experienced a lava shells massage yourself? Secondly, will your clients accept the extra charge on your massage prices? I trained with No Hands Massage (Gerry Pyves), also Jing Massage School to learn how to use arms and other techniques which don't strain the hands or wrists.
I took up stone massage (the nearest I can think of to Lava Shells) but found the heat from the stones didn't help me if my hands or wrists were tired. Because I tend to put a lot of pressure on the client, I still put a lot of pressure through the stones. I know therapists who have a light touch who found stones better for them maybe because they didn't press much. I've had lots of stone massages done on me and always go back traditional form without sticks/stones/whatever.


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I looked into it. I loved the idea.. I asked clients. They loved the idea, but no more than hot stone. And I found the novelty of them would soon wear off.

In the end I stayed with offering Hot Stone as I had the qualifications and equipment.

Sorry thats one help, just personal Experience. X