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Feb 14, 2007
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:irked:Good morning ladies, I was wondering if any of you have ever used this product before?? It's a powdered gel and i don't know what else goes with it.
Any tips, comments, etc will be very well appreciated. Thank you all and have a great day.
The product that i have is the powder, not the gel, thanks!!
I stopped by the stand at a trade show and got 2 nails done 1 with powder gel and 1 with a soak off gel and they were fine, its just a different way to do nails - I didnt go for it as I thought it was a gimmick and a waste of acrylic powder as i dont really see why gels need a sprinkling of acrylic powder, also its fiddly to apply gel from a polish bottle - i prefer a pot.
They lasted well and I was vey impresed with the soak off gel for natural nail overlays.
Myself and a few other geeks on here use the products, If you need any advice shoot away :)
The product that i have is the powder, not the gel, thanks!!

you cant use the powder without the gel, they work in conjunction with oneanother.
Ok ladies, let me explain what happened....
I went to check out my competition and asked for gel nails, so he prepped the nail, (etched it, dehydrated, primed) took out the powder product and some monomer, applied it like acrylic then cured!! then applied the top gel. So i called the company cause something was computing in my head,and they explained that these people do it that way! But that that powder goes with a gel system!
Now my question to all of you is, is this gel system easy to use? Or do you still have to mess around with it to get the curve, does it have a strong odor?? Thank you all so much for the help.
years ago le chat produced a powder that was used with a monomer and its still available in very small quantities due to continued demand.
this was called lechat original formula. comparatively few people use it now.

the newer product is used in conjunction with a base and top gel to add superior strength. it produces a really tough nail that goes on sooo easily.
there is no odour at all with the powder gel system.

the product is applied in thin layers, so you never end up with a bulky nail that you need to file forever to get it into shape. its very easy to learn.

there are some instructions on LeChat UK - Nail Care Products that will give a good idea of what the process involves.

theres a couple of tutorials on my own website for some fancier things you can do with lechat too. Angel Fingers Nails, Nail Technician Courses in Northampton

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