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Jan 11, 2003
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Can anyone give me any info on where i can learn to sculpt? I live in the manchester area. I would laso like to do a class on P&W's. The course i did was a VTCT (or was is VCTC, TVTC??) LOL and unfortunatley it only taught me the basics of liquid/powder, gel & fibreglass. The rest was practise, practise and more of it! I would like to eventually learn all of it but it would be very helpful if i knew which course is best :rolleyes:
If anyone can give me info/prices of courses etc I will be grateful :goal:
I too would love to learn how to sculpt 'correctly'!!!!

I have done a few sets, on friends only, and they have turned out alright :) The only problem I had was the acrylic getting under the natural nail :? largely due to the form not being fitted correctly I suppose!!! The nails have lasted really well it's just a pain when I have to remove the acrylic from underneath :x

Oh, by the way, I live in Essex.

Laystar, where r u doing your CND course?
Hi Nailmania

If you want to go the Creative way then try phoning 0161 793 6162 (Manchester), and Kelly, your nearest CND would be at Loughton, Essex - 020 8787 7036

Sorry, have no prices, but your best bet would be to give them a call and speak to them direct.

All the best, Adele
Cheers Adele.

See, this is what I love about this site. You ask a question and you get excellent answers. :D
Oh oh someone asked me summit!! :oops: lol

Yup Im doing my course in Loughton :) Hopefully at the end of year...

...enough of nails for now..back to the books :( Not too bad..Im allowed to do nails for my art exam! haha! :D

Thanx everyone!

Just thought I'd tell you that I've booked on the CND L&P conversion course on the 14th April!!! Yippeee!!! :goal:

My kit will be there waiting for me and I hope that I make it proud. I'm sure that I'm now going to be completely converted!!!

I'll let everyone know how it goes (Mr & Mrs Geek, you'll never have me on another course because I probably won't stop raving about it!!!! :D ).
Good Luck Kelly!! Let me know what is in store for me hey?! ;)

thanx for the advice.....the ceative sounds best and the number you gave me peppercorns is just down the road! Thankyou again i shall be ringing and keeping you up-to-date :D [/quote]
Hi Nailmania

Just shows what's under your nose (hey, that's sheer poetry ;) )

Glad to be of assistance ladies, I'm sure you'll have a ball.

Adele :sunny:
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