Lee Stafford's DIY retweet!


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Jan 18, 2012
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East yorkshire
Just thought I'd share with u all Lee Staffords reply to his diy hair cut he's promoting! I've attached a photo of the retweet he gave me (if the attachment works lol) xx


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Maybe he was drunk!!
Hehehe! What a... Idiot :)
Diy? Im speachless. What a tool!

Alexandra x

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It is, isn't it!
It's a very useful website to check up on people. Of course if he has a decent accountant it will always look as if he's making a loss...
After watching him on secret millionaire I thought he was great! Until I read this about his couture appointments - So does that mean his normal haircuts are slap dash?

Yes hun, he probably gets the normal customers to do it themselves!! ;-)
Or normal appointments are performed with kitchen scissors!!
Wow had lots of fun checking out the competition with company check !
I look like I am doing great but another salon near me that has over 30 staff not good ? So unsure of true picture :) but fun
Yes the companys thing how acurate is that i looked up the company i rent a room with and the finance detail didnt come up just name and reg number date ect.

And a salon i use to work for that have closed are -£50.000 But with £4000 in the bank but that was in 2009 but they only shut down in july 2011. X

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You have to log in to get financial details, and they will up to date as far as the last set of accounts was lodged with Companies House.
The site takes its feed directly from Companies House so it's as up to date as that.
Hi I'm on twitter and that's not the real lee Staffords page!
Ill post link below x
This is the one I have and I believe this is the real one :) the picture is the same but the name is slightly different and he always tweets to his girlfriend with pics n stuff x


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Well i can see most peoples finacals and im not loged in. X

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