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Oct 27, 2006
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I have the daylight light for doing my L&P's, Manicures etc. But my room lighting isn't too fab and was wondering if I can use a Halogen light when doing Gel's? Can anyone help with this?:rolleyes:
BUMPING! No one can help??
Where do you want to use the halogen lights? as they get hot
I have a 5ft tall up lighter to add to my room lighting and it works really well. But I used to have a little light that clipped to my nail station which was great. Wasn't a halogen but both my lamps have daylight simulation bulbs in them so you don't get so much yellow.

Sam xx
Pant's! Didn't think of the heat of the halogen! Lol
I have a daylighter that I use for L & P and manicures and the prep before I use the gel's. But I can't use the daylight one when I come to work with the gel's as it sets them............I will hunt for a nice uplighter. That sounds like it could work well. I have a spot in the corner behind my desk where it could go. Thanks again for your replys
Don't know how far your nearest Ikea is, but they do this great desk lamp for about £10ish

It has a clamp for the table and sits perfectly over your working area.

Hope this post isn't deleted because it's classed as advertising because I used to get really bad headaches using the wrong light.

Gina x

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