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Nov 25, 2011
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I recently opened a facebook page for my Business (via my personal page) and a few lovely peeps have clicked the like button (thank you) but only 3 likes ever show up on the page. I get a notification that someone has liked my page but my total remains at 3!!!! :irked:. Does anyone have the same problem or know what to do to sort it out? Can't seem to find any help via Facebook. Thank you x
hi i have exactly the same problem im not v good on fb tho but i didnt no if it was just theyd unliked it again? xx
I don't think they have been unliked as some of them have just been put on today. They appear in my notifications but are not added to the total of likes.
yeah mine is exactly the same iv had bout 4 0r 5 new likes but it keeps saying 29 or 30 overall xx
Are they groups or pages that have liked you, as these show up in a separate area?

Also, if you go into the admin panel you can see all the info you need.
They could have liked you in their 'business' mode in which case your numbers won't increase
Its possible to switch to using/viewing FB as your business page (go to your business page and click on 'Manage' at the top right, you'll see the option there) - if you 'like' pages whilst doing this it does not get included in the 'like' count. i.e. it only counts people not businesses.
Really glad I read this thread as I have the same thing. I'm now up to 98 likes and keep getting a few more and thinking yay this will take me over the 100 but it doesn't. I know they are not likes as businesses but don't get it thought it was just me
Unfortunately I am suddenly having this problem too (December 2012).

My Facebook page is a 'Musician/Band' but is not commercial. I have herad that such 'Likes' total count problems can occur if a 'Like' is clicked by someone on a web page outside Facebook.

It doesn't seem that anyone here has any solutions so far.

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