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Mar 13, 2004
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i have long acrylic nails...... my question is do any of you with long nails find that they are sometimes in the way when you are working. I have just been doing some practise on my nail trainer and my own nails seemed to be in the way.
maybe its just me having a clumsy day :confused:
they get in the way when i paint/file my toenails, i notice people in most salons have short nails when there working, it just depends if you can work with long nails.

To be honest i work better with my nails on, i dont have them mega long but i would say they are long. I find my nails get attention and get me work sooooooooo. and when i am pinching my L+P sculpts they are great.

Good for opening cans of coke tooo!!!!!!! ONLY JOKING

I have to agree with Little Angel, i also have my nails quite long but still practicle. I do find that my own nails always get comments so then it gets me work.:D

At the end of the day its difficult if they get in the way so perhaps have them a little shorter but so they still look good. They are your advert for what you can do.
Have you tried using "bankers fingers". Not sure if that is what they are called, but they are rubber thinble type of things that can cover your finger tips. They are very cheap so not a problem from a hygeine angle as they are cheap enough to be disposable when you consider the cost involved in reparing your own nails.

I got some at ExCEL last year, but you can get them from a stationers.
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