Looking for info on MMA!!


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Oct 19, 2003
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Can anyone point me in the right direction please??!!??

I'm putting together a booklet for my clients & prospective new clients to have a look at, does anyone know where there is some information on MMA that is not too jargony - just plain, simplistic info that I can incorporate into my booklet that people not in the nail industry will find easy to understand???

Thanks in advance

Jenny :D
Do you see where the word MMA is in blue and underlined???
Just click your mouse on it and it will take you to an article on MMA!!!
Any word that you see in blue and underlined will do the same thing.

K sa Ra web site also has loads of info. Take the info and YOU put it into language that you think your clients will understand.
MMA is big news now, please sign my petition and help us take it to the top! I have some great MMA stuff, view my website or PM your address to me and i will stick loads in the post for you!. Nails Mag has recently featured an article and use your internet explorer, type in MMA and you will get lots more! Hope that helps! From Rachel xx :D
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