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Jul 27, 2003
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sawasdee kha

Tomorrow have lottery thailand and if i win i go spain america england and australia see every body kha .

Tomorrow i go bangkok 15 day learn nail i very happy and maybe next year if i not win i maybe come show same you go before .

Kop khun mak mak na ka mui
hi mui hope you have fun when you do your training in bangkok make sure you let us know how it goes :D nickki jonesx
for the lottery and your training mui,
Good luck, if you win you will be able to travel to all the nice nail salons all over the world and maybe visit us here in england too............

We would love to meet you !!!!!!!

love and luck
Ruth xxxxxxx
GOOD LUCK mui xxx
Hope you have a great time on your course Mui come back and tell us how it went
Take care Dawnie.
PS and bless give that beautifull baby of yours a hug from me xx
Good luck on lottery mui and happy training in bangkok.... hope you have a lovely time.........

love faye xxxxxxx
I hope you win, Mui. I'll cross my fingers for you...and my eyes. :p
Sawasdee kha =sawadee ka

Today i very happy i fly aroplane bangkok 1.30 go rent room near lady shop and learn nail .

Everything good me and i want when i learn very good teach many thai girl do nail in my village where i come from and then them can go find job in bangkok maybe .

Before i buy nail clipper in thailand 1000 baht and product exspensive now i have book america rhonda and buy clipper 200 baht yesterday i buy many thing my shop sell motor bike 1 and i very happy have some money for buy creative polish for my shop .

I not come geek only look maybe 1 time 1 day and internet cafe i ask my sister look and i have happy because lady come see me yesterday and i have she can build website me i try before me and have headache very big i can not make .

Now i go wash hair and make hair my shop and then go meet friend she go bkk same me today buy hair for make lady want long hair we go bkk together good have friend another shop .

I hope you have happy and enjoy kha

Kop khun mak mak na kha mui .

Good luck with the lottery :D , hope you win so you can come and meet us all :thumbsup: . Will be thinking of you while you are your 15 days training. Please let us jnow how you get on.

On another note hope you recived the magazines I sent you in the mail, a few more here to send on to you.

Take care & lots of hugs to the baby.
Sawasdee kha bernie

Have magazine my shop them telephone me i look send you email but can not not find i go phuket 3 days more and can look magazine .

Kop khun kha for you think of me mui
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