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Jul 29, 2010
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I've just registered with Mac pro and want to start to build up a kit. I can't afford just to buy the whole range so I want to choose wisely. Our nearest counter is Manchester which is no TOO near so I have been looking online.

There are SOOOO many foundation colours which look nothing like their colour on screen, so my questions is What colour foundations do you have in your kit? It's more difficult cos you have to have a range of colours to suit all skin colours and they don't do a pallette or anything.

Thank you in advance x
Hi there

It depends really on what ethnicity / skin tone your main clients will be? Obviously if most of your clients will be fair skinned, you would cater for them...or if mainly asian, then them. Remember you can mix colours too...don't get carried away buying every colour. Also there is a little variance between the finishes, have you decided what finish you would like to go with?
They would mainly be fair/medium tan. Was thinking studio tech/ studio fix. What types of colours would you go for, would you just get a mix of NC and NW too was thinking about the 30 - 40 mark x
If you are looking at studio tech and studio fix fluid, these are both medium to full coverage and a satin/matt finish. As a previous mac employee i would reccomend not to buy the tech and fix fluid reason being it is pointless having two similar foundations in your kit. I would get the fix fluid as this lasts longer then the tech and is in popular demand its a must have foundation! The shades come in NW which are warmer with a pink undertone or a NC which are cooler tones with a yellow undertone perfect for olive skin tones. I would start with NW15 thats your lightest shades and then NW30 and so on, which means you can mix them for now untill you can afford them all but i wouldnt mix NC AND NW together! Hope that helps! Face and body is a MUST have for your kit too :)

Im just building my mac foundations too, I have started with face and body as it is the best allrounder. I have started with c1 ,c3, c5 so i can mix together to achieve desired colour and with the studio fix i did the same getting a mix of nw and nc's

Hope that helps!
As said above mac face & body shades are great cant go wrong :)
Ah thanks everyone for your help! x
LOVE Face & Body Foundations, and also Studio Sculpt. The MAC Pro discount is obviously very helpful, it's just a pain that you can only get it in stand-alone MAC shops, the only exception I'm aware of being the Brown Thomas MAC counter in Dublin but I think that's at a reduced rate. I think in the US MAC Pro members can order online - I wish UK members could too!
You can use your discount online in UK, thats what they told me anyway x
Ooh thanks for that - I'll look into it! x
when I was building my kit I contacted BOBBI BROWN online where you can email an artist.
Thay were brilliant and suggested a starter kit to cater for most lighter skin tones (my first brides) and inc. blusher, lip and eye colours.
I went to Trafford Centre with my list- they were also brilliant and also did me a free "bridal " make-over to demonstrate the products.

My brides were thrilled and the make-up lasted well and looked great on pics.

Hi guys

Just to clarify, you CAN'T use your MAC Pro discount online, but you CAN ring 0870 0342 676 and order by phone and get your discount and access to MAC Pro products mailorder.

Yay x

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