Maintenance Advice for tonight please??


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Aug 16, 2003
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Hello all

I have a client coming this evening for a rebalance appointment. Her natural nails are now very long (she initially had a tip overlay with gel). The tips dont exist anymore (if they do they are the last bits). She also hates having her natural nails filed. Should I take them right down and apply a whole new set or should I just do a natural nail overlay? This is her 3rd maintenance appointment so I am unsure what to do as I havent come across this situation before.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

many thanks
Em :o
I personally think you should apply a natural overlay, its the overlay that gives the strength not the take some lenght off as usual file and do your maintenance...(of course thats if the product is still looking good) ...hth in the interim as I am sure the gel girls might have some better tips...
If the product is sound, then just rebalance as normal.

You must pay particular attention to the free edge area (zone 1) as this is where the product can tend to be knocked and to chip away or loosen. Gel will tend to separate from this area if it is not maintained very well by you.

By maintained, I mean, make sure that the new product has sealed well, the old product around the edges of zone one. Cure, and then don't go and file all the seal away again when you finish off the enhancement. :biggrin: The protection, or seal, that you provide in this area, will ensure that the natural nail does not 'curl' away from the overlay.

Your client has done very well to grow her nails right out. Congratulate her on obviously looking after her enhancements and Congratulate yourself for a job well done in maintaining them.
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