Making a photo collage - help needed!!


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Oct 28, 2005
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I've today come up with the idea of making a photo collage for my parents & In-Laws as a christmas present.
I dont want to cut them and stick them down, I was hoping to be able to get them all on one sheet and print it off.

I've chosen the piccies and managed to put captions on, but how do I get them all together?
Any ideas geeks?
As you can gather I can just about do the basics with a computer, so I surprised myself when I did manage to do the captions!:lol:

Thanks geeks
Hi, assuming you have access to some version of Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, this is a relatively simple thing to do.

Just open a new document in Photoshop, make sure its big enough to hold a few decent sized photos, and is also a printable size, then one by one, open each photo with its caption and simply drop it into the original document. If you drop six seperate photos into the original document, you'll end up with 7 layers, the original plus the extra 6 pics. You can move the 6 pics around the page to suit your tastes or have them slightly overlapping, whatever you like best. When you're happy that everything is as it should be, simply flatten your layers and then save the documant with a new meaningful name, ie, family-xmas-collage.jpg. Make sure to save it as an uncompressed pic, that is at its full resolution, Photoshop will try and compress the pic as the default setting but you dont want this when printing photos as you will lose some quality.

Transfer your pic/s to a flash drive or memory card and get it printed off at the local shop as the print quality will be so much better than most home printers, its pretty reasonable in price too. Hope this helps, pm me if you need additional help.
Thank you, I dont have them but I know a man who does.
Sounds simple, what do you want to bet it's not for me??:lol:

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