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Feb 7, 2012
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West Midlands
Hi geeks! been having abit of trouble with my current hair extension supplier, not very happy with the hair so i want to make my own. I have been going to a hair shop for the past 6 years and glueing them in in strips (bad i know but ive stopped now!) and the hair is so much better quality and seriously lasts for months on end without special aftercare etc... I wouldnt mind pre bonding them myself with the clamp and glue pot im just worried cos i wont have the back up as i will with a supplier, so does anyone on here make their own from weft hair? And what aftercare do you use/advise with them? frankly im not impressed by Lush us aftercare. doesnt really smell nice and it doesnt seem to condition the hair enough ( even the revitaliser) so wouldnt know what to use, maybe balmain? Thanks in advance, Amy xx
I cannot comment on a personal experience with the product as I offer my own branded aftercare but I have heard good reports about the X10 range for extension aftercare... hopefully somebody else who has used them can help further.

I've been thinking about this too. I'm just not sure I'd have the time/enjoy the prebonding with having my 18 month old, I think I'd rather make less profit n more time with her. Have you looked at options for products? I got samples of their hair extension ones and I really liked them. I believe it's quite a small set up fee too somethin like 12 or 16 items is under £100 so you could easily retail

Good luck if you decide to go for it yourself :) xx

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