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The Ed.

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Oct 19, 2011
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We all know that male grooming is one of the fastest growing sectors of our industry and stocking great retail products for the boys who are into their beauty is always going to be a savvy move.

Dermalogica are introducing the ultimate shaving prep product for heavy or coarse beards. Boys with bristles struggle with razor bumps or ingrowing hairs and the new Pre-Shave Guard is all about easing that pain. Now available in spanking new, ultra-convenient packaging the twist-up application stick means that the cooling cream can be applied directly to the skin for less mess and less wasted product. A good thing all round.

It's no secret that tough, heavy beards need extra conditioning and softening pre-shave to ensure a smoother result. Most products use a high alkalinity to soften the beard hair but this can damage the lipid layer of skin leading to irritation. The Pre-Shave Guard is a neutral pH, lightweight, protective formula to soften the beard, reduce razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Made with key ingredients of Camphor, Clove Flower Oil, Menthol and Glycerin and Sodium Hyalaurate the Pre-Shave Guard cools, firms, tones, stimulates, softens, soothes, calms, moisturises and lubricates. What's not to love??

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The Ed.


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Ive used the old style Pre-Shave guard and it is good.
I notice though that from the picture the size of the product is alot less mill-age than before. I hope this is reflected in the price and not smaller size for more money like they have done before!

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