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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Hiya all

I went to a clothes party last night, and took the opportunity to hand out some business cards.. So far I can only do Acrylic Sculptures and Tip and overlays.. But I had quite a few enquiries last night about Manicures.

Can anyone recommend a good manicure course at all?? I have had no previous experience in Manicures.

Thank you
hi ya...its gotto be the spa manicure at creative...i did this last friday and it is fab...ule love it and so will your clients...
my spa day was free if i purchased the spa kit which costs around £50...i did the pedicure aswell and its gorgeous...the pedicure was £100...but excellent value considering there is enough products to do 20-25 clients in each...and a creative training day, what more could u wish for!!!
vicky x
have to agree the spa mani and pedi is lush.just got back from the mani and pedi course and couldnt believe how much i enjoyed it.didnt think i would cause i thought the massage bit would freak me out but it was ok(dont like touching people,like my personal space :? ),just about to do a mani and pedi on long suffering boyfriend so got to go :D
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