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Jan 12, 2003
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Cardiff, Wales
I know this has been asked soo many times, but I couldnt find the answer I wanted via search... :rolleyes:

Im looking to do a manicure and pedicure course(s), for after my foundation with Creative. Biiig probs...why on earth cant I just find a simple course in essex?! I've tried looking through learn direct etc, and I cant find anything that Im looking for. They're either only as part of a beauty course, or a nail enhancement course, they're too long, too pricey, too far away blah blah blah!

:rolleyes: :twisted: :rolleyes:

I need to do my mani & pedi course so I can do the SpaManicure and SpaPedicure classes...why the meep dont CND do mani & pedi courses anyway?!?! :shock: :?: :!: ;)

Anyhooo if anyone knows of a mani & pedi course either in Essex or London, please reply or PM me and let me know! I just want to do a short course, I've been doing 'em for about 2 years now, through research, reading books, demos etc. Obviously theres more to be learnt but I dont want to do like a year course!!

thankyoooooooooooou :oops:

hi Layla,

The course I did was an IHBC/VTCT Manicure & Pedicure course at my local college. It was a one night per week course for about 4 months. I would have thought your local colleges would run this type of course or at least let you do that part of the beauty course. If they are doing NVQ type beauty courses then you should be allowed to only take certain modules. Maybe that would be too much paperwork / brainpower for them to work out LOL.
"Maybe that would be too much paperwork / brainpower for them to work out LOL."

Well, the college *is* situated in Colchester!! Im not suprised!

I have friends who do the beauty course at the college, and will ask them to see if they are doing seperate mani and pedi courses, but when I checked a few months ago, they didnt! They do however do a nail art course...oh but you have to be trained in manicures to do it!!! :shock:



I have just started a course at the Enfield College in North London which is one night a week and is only the mani pedi part of the NVQ level 2. My course runs until the end of Feb so that is about 20 weeks. The course has only started this week, so unfortunately I don't think you would be able to start until next September :(

Hope this info helps

wannabe tech
have you tried "adult education". I have just found a short manicure course with my local adult ed. It is not as in depth as I would like long term, but it should be enough to get you on the creative spa course - then expand from there?
aw laystar, it`s such a pain when you want to do something badly and you cant get anywhere :x ( ask me how i know lol )
have you phoned all these colleges, it`s daft question i suppose you have!
i started my mani/pedi course last night but have to travel 40 miles as my local college was fully booked up in may, it was great fun, they are all a good bunch, mine vtct course is finished in february 2004, and then i too intend to do the spamanicure/pedi, i hope you get something sorted soon.
I have just found this link for correspondence courses - don't know if it is any good, or if creative would accept it as suitable.
Hi Layla

West Suffolk College (Bury StEdmunds) is running a Mani/pedi NVQ 2 course over 20 weeks one Tues and Thurs evening. I phoned up last week to enrol and fortunately they still had places. Starts next week. Is it too far?

:) Its ok, thanks everyone for your suggestions, but I now know what Im gona do lol! *Meeping thnx Missy
* Panic over, we can all chill now ;-)


..what..after all that you have to tell us... soz just being nosey...
Hey girls, i just rang the Essex School of Beauty, the woman there was fab, she gave me some really good advice, explained the whole course to me, what they do, why they do it etc etc

I was really impressed and have booked a manicure and pedicure course with them! :D
i did mine with ellisons one day course for each one i dont know if there is one near you. there was no tests and you got kits to start you off in with the price tel 02476644356 they will help you
i hope this helps you out
bye for now
love dye :D
LayStar said:
I need to do my mani & pedi course so I can do the SpaManicure and SpaPedicure classes...why the meep dont CND do mani & pedi courses anyway?!?! :shock: :?: :!: ;)


Any professional nail tech can take the SpaManicure and SpaPedicure courses.
They are not anatomy driven, they product application driven.
If you are looking at deep theory, those classes wont cut it. You are best finding a local college to learn the various names of all the bones in the digits. ;)
Saying that... it is not a requirement.
The Nail Geek said:
You are best finding a local college to learn the various names of all the bones in the digits. ;) mean like the PHALANGES?! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What a meeping cool word!! Reminds me of Friends..Regina Phalange!


Hi Layla

It sounds like you are more than half way there, with the help of books etc. The reason you need knowledge of the bones and muscles is it helps you understand, especially when performing a massage what to do for it to be beneficial, otherwise it could be quite painful. a good place, if you haven't already been to is urbannails they have a very good 'revision' piece for the bones in the hands and feet. If you already know the info then that is even better. You will get a great buzz from your courses - remember - knowledge is power. ;)
take care

I have exactly the same problem I cannot find anywhere that do a manicure course on its own, my local college does an evening course but its thursdays and I work that night - typical!!!!

Do anyone know anywhere Surrey/Hampshire/Berkshire area that do a Manicure course??? I want to do this so I can then move on to a Jessica or Creative Spa product training course..

Hi Steph

Have you tried 'The Nail Company' in Weybridge. Phone number 01932 851505. They do training for all services and you can also do your NVQ there. Everyone there is really nice and you will enjoy yourself.

Take care

Theresa x
Hi Theresa

Thank you for your reply, I did call them the other day. The only thing I was worried about is they use Star Nails products and I have never heard good reports about them, and also is it a recognised certificate you receive?? That I could then use to do either Jessica or Creative Spa conversion..

Have you trained there before??

Hi Steph,
They do a beginners manicure and advanced manicure course. you get certification for 'ATTENDING' only. the kit you receive is in with the price, it is good. l trained with them and did my NVQ training also, for my assessments l used Bella Mani range which is lush. the best to ask about the certificate, is Geeg, Mrs Geek or Mr Geek. if you do decide to go there and you do your NVQ also just shout if you want any help.

take care

Theresa x
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