man's pedi with art..


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My husband wont even let me manicure him!! can't imagine what he'd say if he woke up one morning to find his litle tootsies painted so prettily!! :cus: :cus::cus::cus::cus::cus::cus:

I'd probably get loads more new clients though.... divorce lawyer, etc!!! :D

You are such an inspiration!

Kitty :meow:

Christie's Nails

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Jan 11, 2003
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Hawaii, USA
The hairdresser that I work with and I trade services..he does my hair and I do his toes...check em out..
<img src="" width="400" height="280">

heehee :rainbow:
those are tooooo cool!!! :fro:
Girl, I love those toes! :eyesore: LOL Did you apply acrylic or just some shiny polish???
those are neat!
Just base coat and top coat on the toes. :rainbow:
Cool art but I'm not crazy about furry-man-toes....reminds me of a hobbit

And this is where this smilie comes in most handily....... :puke:

I think I might have some issues..... :hic:
Yes you may need counseling.. Somewhere in your past you had a horrible encounter with a foot! :D

Those are hairy toes... heehee His feet are totally perfect otherwise though.. Not a single callus..not even thick skin! perfect...and he is a hairdresser on his feet all day...can't figure it out..
i do nails just like that!! I also like to paint rainbows on a white base with rainbow rhinestones falling underneath it :D so cuuuute!

They Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love Ruth :D
those are really cool !

If only more men would have em done !

Christie- Very cute!!!! My hubby rolled his eyes!!! hehe! He wouldn't be caught dead with ANY designs on his toes! Oh well, maybe I can catch him sleeping some time!!! Now wouldn't that be a shock! lol cute design! Thanks for sharing!
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