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Aug 27, 2010
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West drayton
hi im new here,
just a few questions for anyone who used marvellash,
do u find the 11mm a bit too natural?
how do u find the system and how much are u charging?
im old to beauty but new to lashes and have done a few sets and really happy with results i guess time will tell! have been reading lots of threads about lashes but no one mentions marvellashes ? any help be much appreciated xxxxxxxxxx
Hi hun,
I just trained with Marvel Lash there a couple of months ago. I hvae bben using the products to practice with and to put on clients who want to be guinea pigs. I'm changing to Flirties at the start of September though as I'm just not convinced about the marvel glue. A lot of my 'guines pigs' have come back saying that the lashes only stayed on about 5 days. But of course, you don't know what the client has done with them since they left the salon!

The ordinary 11mm is very natural, but you can get extra volume ones that start at 7mm and go right up to 13mm. These are a bit thicker and more noticeable. I got mine from Ellisons online.

Another reason I'm changing to Flirites is that there is more marketing and merchandising material with them. So you can really promote your lash extension treatment.

HTH huni and let us know how you get on.
you can but lashes in different lengths, and also in different thickneses, 0.15 are thin and would look more natrural, but you could also use 0.25or even 0.3 these would be a lot thicker and noticalble, you have to watch with the longer thincker ones though, as the clients lashes have to be long and strong enough to hold them, if they are not the lashes will fall over, and won't look good, have a little look through all the different lengths and thicknesses you can buy, and also the differnt type of curls you can buy as well, all of which result in diffferent looks, be prepared to want to spend loads on all the different lashes lol hth xx
thanx 4 ure replys!!!
so do u think i could just used flirties glue?.. if so wherre do i get it from?
Thanx xx

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