marzipan babies


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Jan 18, 2007
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i had these sent to me in an email today how cute are these
they are all made of marzipan, how clever eh, bet glynis could do something like this heeheheheh

nicky xxxx


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They are fantastic they have been on here before.
I cant believe how life like they are and the work that must have been put into making them wow
OMG they are amazing! I couldn't eat them! :lol:
ive put the link up for the artist of these for you. youll see alot more of these tiny sculptures - they are actually made from clay

Camille Allen
:) How cute are they I want one, they are gorgeous :):)
I love babies, but I couldn't eat a whole one -lol.
I love babies, but I couldn't eat a whole one -lol.


how clever, they are fantastic and no noise either even better!

lucy :Love:

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