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Aug 13, 2004
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Just wanted to say thankyou so much to Andy ( Axiom ) and Loubylou (louise) for their knowlege, time and hospitality today.

Andy came all the way up from Hampshire to leeds yesterday, and taught all day for us at Louises salon.....and then looked forward to a 5 hour journey home with nothing but a packet of crisps and an ironbru for company:green:

How fantastic is this guy (and how come he isnt famous:green: yet! )

I learn't so much, had a demo on a number of the different (lush) perron rigot waxes AND got to meet some fellow geeks into the bargain:hug: the 3.5 hour trip there and 2 hour trip back wasnt so good but a girl cant have everything.:green:

THanks again ANDY & LOUISE tis very very much appreciated.:hug::hug::hug:

AMb x
Couldn't have put it better Amber, and in fact I didn't.

The waxes were fantastic and as my only experience with wax was a very bad one (I use sugar paste), I was nervous about using it. Andy allayed all those fears and it was fantastic to use.

I will certainly be buying some of the Euroblonde and using it for all my future underarm and bikini lines.

I even had my underarms done and usually I am tender for about 24 hours afterwards, I cannot even tell I have been done, no pain, no tenderness - nada. ain't been getting your bits out again have you....?

sounds like you had a "ripping" time....:lol: xxx
sounds like you all had a fab time x ain't been getting your bits out again have you....?

sounds like you had a "ripping" time....:lol: xxx

how very dare you !! I didnt show one 'bit' of me (sadly:green:)

seriously allow plenty of time when you go to leeds matey journey up there was horrendous LOADS of congestion from jct 28 upwards
it was fab , andy is a true star , such a lovely guy , as is louise :hug:(lovely not a guy , lol )
we had a right laff , especially when diesel was having her bikini line done and the poor postie walked in :lol::lol: poor guy wondered what the hell was going on !
totally hilarious :lol:
Yes a very big thank you to Andy for coming all the way to Yorkshire and giving us the benefit of his experience, i had a great time and learnt loads,
hope you got your train ok and a good nights sleep hun :hug:

You are all welcome to the use of the salon,
we will have to do it again for the men's intimate waxing course(the post man will get a shock that day lol)
it was great to meet you all,
it made a lovely change having so many like minded people in there, and yes my poor postman lol i bet he knocks on my door before walking in the next time (he must be in his late 60s, its a wonder he didn't have a heart attack lol)
but you all didn't eat all the biscuits, that means i will have to eat them :eek:
It was a pleasure to meet you all - I had a great day and hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did and found the workshop useful.

HUGE thanks to Louise for letting us loose in her lovely salon (and for all the biccies - thinking about it I should have stuffed a few in my bag for the journey home!) and for picking me up at the station this morning. The workshop simply wouldn't have happened without your kind hospitality, you are a true star!

Big hugs to Amber for the lift to the station at the end of the day (sorry I had to run so quickly, I was worried about missing my train!) and for the crisps and IrnBru, lol, they stopped my tummy rumbling somewhere between Sheffield and Birmingham! :D

Also thanks to all the Geeks who brought their waxpots with them, only to find out those dratted tins didn't fit! And cheers to Dee for letting us borrow hers for the afternoon - you can keep the wax as a momento, lol :hug:

I love the Geeky Waxing Workshops, it's such fun meeting everyone and I always come away feeling really invigorated and excited to have worked with such passionate people. This is sounding like an Oscar speech now, so I'll leave it there! :lol:

Hopefully I will be back up North before too long, and if anybody has any questions about the wax they know where to find me... :D

Have to crash now, I'm exhausted! Wax on! :green:

Andy xxx
How wonderfull to read :Love:

Please please can i come to the next geeky waxing workshop,i am not a skin geek but i'll come as hairy Mary :lol:
Yep, it was a totally brilliant morning - even after getting stuck on the M62 and the sat nav sending me straight past Lou's salon and it taking me blooming ages to find her again!
Thanks Lou for use of your salon - I reckon you;'ll def hear the postman knock from now on :lol:!! Thanks for the biccies too - I did try to deplete your supply but failed miserably:)
Andy - you are such a star - can't wait for my waxes to arrive - have lined up some willing hairy mary's for practice!
PS Thanks for doing my underarms too - wahey, I have access to half my wardrobe again!!

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