Master Classes for Fibreglass and Silks???


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Jan 12, 2003
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Greven, Germany
Just a thought!!!!! :idea:
Why aren't there any Masterclasses for Fibreglass and Silk applications :?: :?:
Or are there and I haven't found them yet. :?:
If not who could set domething like this up :?:
I feel a little left out here with all this Acrylic :(
Would be nice to have another certificate to show off on the wall :D
I have been a nail Tech for over 12 years and still look for that challenge to do things better. I only use Fibreglass, Silk and Gels due to the enviroment I work in. (Tanning Salon in the city of London) We have strict Health and Saftey regulations and are prohibited to use Acrylic due to the lack of air exchange..............
So I am mostley a Fibreglass/Silk girl . :D

So any info on this would be appreciated Love Ruth xxxxx
... Master Classes were created by CND in 1994/5 but CND aren't a fibreglass company so the Master Classes are based on L+P. Years ago CND had a fibreglass system called 'Phantom' (that's really going back awhile)! However.... with the launch of the new 'Fabric' system, Designer Nails (Gigi Rouse aka geeg) is creating a Master Class for that so I will let you know how we progress! Hope this helps ;)

Toodles (as G.M.Geek would say)
Thanks Mrs. Geek :D
Yes please keep me informed on that one
Love Ruth xx
any news on this one yet mrs geek

Every year (actually, for the last few years its been every 8 months...) we gather our Education Ambassadors from around the UK to requalify and train on our new courses.
This year it takes place in April and we will be covering Fabric# courses... so you should hear about them soon!

EzFlow also offers a Masters class in Fibreglass & Silk.
MichelleAU said:
EzFlow also offers a Masters class in Fibreglass & Silk.

hmmmm... they do... but why they had to name their classes 'Master artists' classes is beyond me... :rolleyes:
Yeh... kinda reminds me of another company that offers advanced education... can't think of their name though....???? 8)
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