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Apr 14, 2003
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hi guys and gals hope you have all been having a lovely time!!
i was wondering if all those out there that had done master classes if you could fill us in abit on what goes on in these lessons (structure of the lesson ect) and if you felt that you learnt loads (im sure you all did!)
also did you know any of the skills ie sculpting pior to the class or if you just jumped on in there and had a go? want to either do a master class or a one to one but i can make my mind up which to do!! i dont have at the moment any particular problems with any area of my work (hopefully im not speaking to soon and it all goes wrong! :rolleyes: ) and i feel a one to one might help to boost confidence levels but i guess its all just good old practise to get the speed up so my poor cleints aren't sitting there with bum ache! what would you girls recommend?
Hi Nickki,

I have just completed all three Master classes and qual day.

The classes began with a presentation detailing out the theory etc, then our tutor did a demo, then we had a lunch break and then we did nails on our model.

The Rebalancing class really tweaks what you will already have learned on the Foundation course - it is like an advanced level.

The Makeover Magic teaches you how to fit enhancements on all the nightmare nail shapes - fan, hook, claw, cannibals etc.

As to the sculpting, I had only seen it done really on a video and the most complicated bit about it is fitting the form - once you master this without a gap then the rest follows.

The qualification day is one hand tip and overlay and one hand of sculptures and then a written paper. The scrutinising of the nails seems to be very thorough. They are marked prior to any filing so you have to sculpt with your brush and not rely on the file.

Different people do it in different ways - some students can go through foundation and on to Masters and complete very quickly, but I felt I had to "see a bit of the world" before I would appreciate my Masters. I hope that makes sense.
thanks fiona i know what you mean about seeing a bit of the world first ;) this is what i have been doing and now feel ready to move on and learn some more so come on guys and gals would love to hear how others did with there master classes :D
oo another thing i forgot to ask is can you do them in any order or does it have to be rebalance, make over magic, and then sculpting? :D
I was told it doesn`t matter what order you do the classes in, I have only done my sculpting class so far and it was awesome. I want to do the rebalancing one next but I`m really struggling with a model
I have started my Master Classes, the first one I did was the art of sculpting, found this really easy as I do sculptured acrylic already in the salon, my next class is rebalancing on 19 January.

I have been a technician for 19 months and felt this was the next step forward for me, I have been in a salon environment for 16 months and the time was right for me to go further and advance my skills.

Up until the beginning of this month I hated blending/applying tips but I was shown how to do this and now feel that I am both able and competent to do this without worrying about it, if I am able to overcome problems like this then I am glad that I chose to do the Master Classes, and I look forward to the New Year when I do my other two classes!

Jue ;)
Hi Debs

I too struggled to find a model for my rebalancing master class, and in the end I used myself :shock:

I made sure I needed a rebalance and followed the class very succesfully using my own nails. Not ideal but worked for me. ;) (FYI for another class, I shared colleague Julia's model - she did one hand and I did the other.) :idea:
Thanks for that Kim, you`re not the only person that has said that to me now and if I`d known I would have done it a while ago.
I also have someone from this board kind enough to offer to be my model now too so I`m gonna give them a ring and book it up now definitely.
And if my model can`t do the date I can then I shouldn`t need to worry too much any more

just a quick tip about tip blending.... :flower: Get rid of the well area!!!
Hold the tip and file away the well area, this will create a perfect smile line. It takes a little practise, so when you are watching your fav soap, file away your well area and then when you come to do your next set of nails the tips are all ready

bye for now

shelly :D
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