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Jan 21, 2003
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Just out of interest, why isn't there an Ultra Sculptor brush head in the Master Series?
The main reasons are demand and expense.

Because of the size of the Ultra Sculptor, both the handle and the brush- head would have to be re-tooled and the expense would be prohibitive just for the one brush. Although a favorite of mine too, the U.Sculptor is not the number one selling brush in the Creative line.
I just got my master series brush today. :D
It's LOVELY ;)
All new & shiny, can't wait to get it trained!!!!

I think they're the best thing out :salute:
You'll love it Fi! I've got two, both with Pro Styler heads. I switched from the Ultra Sculptor to use it. They are great. I was clearing out my drawer and came across my old U S and had a little play with it. Ah!.....such memories :)
I have noticed that there is so many different brushes CND has to choose from...the Crystal Series and Master Series..what is the difference between it the size only?
The diff between Crystal Touch and Master series is in the style.

There are a few different sizes out there:
Mini Honey
Honey Oval
Pro Styler
Ultra Sculptor

The Crystal Touch brushes have a clear acrylic handle, where the Master Series have chemically resistant anodized coatings and replaceable heads (very cool).
The Master Series brushes all have the same handle, but CND only makes the Sculptor and Pro styler heads for the line.
The reason is because the Pro Styler and Sculptor handles are the same size... so they are interchangeable.
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