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Jul 12, 2010
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South Australia
Hi all
Ive just bought myself a Maxi Mist Pro.
Does anyone have any hints or tips i should know.
And also im between St Tropez, Fake Bake and Sienna X ive asked for a trial pot of soloution from all three but does anyone yey or nay these?
Thankyou xxx
i use Sienna x with the maxi mist and its great. i work in a salon that uses St Tropaz. and thats also great. but personally i think its the clients personal choice. we get a lot for both products really. and clients will not convert over. could u have small pots of both and offer both srvices
I've contacted Sienna X she wants to come down and do me a FREE spray, ive found a small trial bottle so I might buy that and try it.
One of my friends swears by St Tropez so im definaltey giving that a go but im struggling as to where to get it from.
Theres so many people who do Fake Bake around my area that im staying away from that to offer something different.
Does Sienna X fade well and last as long as St Tropez?

Thankyou xx
The Maximist pro will cope with any solution on the market :hug: