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Dec 21, 2003
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East Anglia

Hope you don't mind me posting but I've noted from your posts that you use backscratchers and I've got a query.

Up until today I have only used clear powder for the acrylic but I had a go at my first white tip dip!!!! The white tip seemed very thick so I had to thin it out. Can you tell me if I should apply the white tip end first and then the clear over or the other way round.

Any help and tips are appreciated.

I do backscratchers too Louise.....
I don`t thin out the white tip if I use one, just apply it with a gel adhesive and instead of wiping away the small amount that oozes out the top I leave it there to help build the apex. Then I apply resin to that area to smooth it out and even up the apex.
I then do the whole nail with resin, then the powder.
Hope that helps
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Hi Debs,

Thank you for your post, it is nice to meet (in the email sense) another Backscratcher user.

I didn't explain my previous question very well. I've used white tips before but I decided to have a go at a clear tip and then used the white acrylic powder to create the white smile line. I;m not sure whether to apply the white powder to create the white smile line and then build over with clear powder or to do the other way round.

How long have you been using Backscratchers? and have you used any other brands before?

Louise :)
I have used other brands, actually I`ve tried quite a few but happiest with creative L&P and IBD Gel.
When doing a french with white powder, I resin and white powder, then resin and clear over the lot
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