Metallic polish chipping


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Jan 29, 2004
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Brisbane, Australia
Hi Girls - and Guys,

Back again...... (or should that be BA - Jacky??:D )

Does anyone else have problems with Metallic varnish chipping? I've used some 'shop bought' ones in the past (before I started my training) which have chipped a day or so after application.
Yesterday I bought one from a wholesalers, 'proper' brand, not the stuff you get in Boots and put it on yesterday - today it has chipped BADLY and looks awful. I tried 3 different combinations of base and top coats on various fingers but they are all chipped (although the one where I didn't use top coat isn't as bad). The base and top caots are just off the shelf stuff, I'm experimenting with these on myself to see if they can be used on clients or if they are rubbish (as I had them anyway, thought I'd try them rather than just chuck them without giving them a try).

My questions are:

Are all metallic polishes rubbish and prone to chipping or am I just using cheap crap? Are there some good ones out there and where (I'm already waiting for the number of people going to shout Creative... :!: )
I read somewhere that you shouldn't use topcoat with Metallics - something to do with dulling the effect, is this the case or do you use topcoat?
If you're not meant to and do use topcoat will it be the cause of chipping? (although I've used them in the past without and they still chipped?
I also find metallics I've used very thick so difficult to apply well, they seem to streak and as it's so thick it's a sod to apply additional coats - is it me?

Thanks muchly,

I have used the Toma range of the metallics and they hold out brill.....................
Good base coat, is the prepping of the canvass...............
Squeak the nail with scrubfresh............
Creative Stickey or Toughen up are the best..........
Out the door top coat,take it rightoverthe edge, this seals in the enamel.............
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