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May 16, 2003
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Hi all. I need help. I have been practising with the metro powders, making a little promtional display etc. but when I come to buff the tips up they just don't look quite as shiny as I think they should. I've applied thin coat of perfect natural powder as per advice but the finished result looks a bit dull until I apply some super shiney on top. What am I doing wrong? Also, does anyone have any tips for doing 2 colour tip and overlay with the metro. I've found that I just complete a lovely smile line then when I move to zone 2 with a different colour it just gets dragged over the edges hiding it.

Thanks! :D
Well love,
I use the crystal clear powder over the metro, it's like glass when buffed..........

When you create your french tip with your first metro , on the smile line create a little tiny trench,at the zone2 end, so when you apply the second colour it will stop at the smile line and will not be dragged over the french tip colour.....if you are adding glitter to the metro, capp it with a thin layer of clear powder.........Then when you buff to finish you get a brill crisp smile line...and a brill shine true to colour finish...................

A metro class might just be the thing for you, you get all the tips and tricks of the trade there!!!!!!

just a thought
love Ruth xxxxxx
What the deal with the metro classes then?

Is this a new class or only the one to one?

Is it at all academies or just Leeds?

How much is it?

What happens at these classes? Do you have to be a master?

I want to go on one!!!!!

Any advice please would be great!
We are currently working on a course that covers Mosaics, Metro's and enamel tweaking.
Hopefully we shall see this in full swing early spring.
Sounds great!

Better start saving for it now!
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