Micro rings excessively slipping


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Mar 2, 2014
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Plymouth, UK
Hi guys!

I've been doing extensions for a few months now and 9 times out of 10 everything's fine. However I've got one client who's micro ring extensions just keep slipping out! I originally fitted 140 16" tiny tips from transform using non-silicone lined tubes, in the first three weeks she lost 30+. I refitted them all for her using silicone lined tubes this time as I heard they offer more grip.. But the same thing has happened again.. 25 in just over 2 weeks! She's been having extensions for years and says she's never had this problem before! I just don't know what it is as I haven't had problems with any other clients. I'm pretty sure I take big enough sections, definitely clamp tight enough! So I'm stuck [emoji37]. Her hair is quite fine, but I've fitted micro rings on even finer hair and had no problem! Thanks!
Has she had this application before? And is she following the right aftercare routine x
Has she got oily hair, my first client I did had oily hair and they were falling out and now she's had to take them all out. I fitted her sisters the same week and she's got dry thick hair and she hasn't lost ardley any. In 6 weeks. X
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It must be her after care, is she brushing them wet?Correct brush must also be used.
I apply micro rings on fine hair and my clients do not loose any bonds.

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