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Apr 21, 2012
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Hello everyone
Although I am newly registered, I have been popping on to the forum regularly and find it so informative especially when I first started to accually work on REAL people and got a bit scared I have to say.
Anyway, I have fortunate enough to be given a Crystal Clear microdermabrasion machine and lots of bottles and lotions to go with it. I was looking for anyone who knew where I might be able to get some training and hopefully not have to pay the £495 that the firm themselves are offering!!!:Scared:
Many Thanks
If you have chosen crystal clear it's best to train with them. Every machine is different and the product. You have spend a lot on crystal clear what is a bit more? It will b worth it in the long run
As said above, u have to train with the make of machine, and if u have been given the machine then u have already saved a fortune... I'd rip ur hand off to be able to offer those treatments for £495!

Good luck xx

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