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Choochy Face

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Apr 4, 2009
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Hey Guys
Has anybody had Microdermabrassion? I'm Having it done next week does it hurt ouch xx :cry:
I love it, some people find it a bit rough IYKWIM but it feels so good especially after you've had it done.
My therapist judges from my reaction what I find comfortable, my best mate loves it as rough as they will go :eek:

I'm having microdermabrasion at the moment, ive had 2 sessions at the moment with the CACI machine and really liking it! As someone who has a embarrassing girl pain threshold, it didnt hurt me at all! Enjoy it! xx:)
Microdermabrasion is brilliant, it really doesn't hurt. I do it myself and I love it.
I've just started doing Crystal Clear microdermabrasion and its totally fab! It doesn't hurt but i like to feel it when i'm having it done then i know its working lol. I'm hoping to have my 2nd treatment later this week.

Love it. results are brill, its not the normal fluffy facial you get with the norm:lol: . But it results driven , ive never had somebody come back to say they've not got results , its best to have the course of at lesat 3 and then to have a maintenance treatment every 3 months or so. brill for congested skin , they come right to the surface after even only 1.
:cry: Thanks Guys I'm soooo nervous xx
I'v not had microdermabrasion, though i have heard loads of good things about it. What does it do exactly. How is the skin after. Is the skin red, scabby.. How often should it be done.
I've had the CC MD quite a few times and it doesn't hurt at all, it's not relaxing but not painful either. I was a little pink afterwards but it went down after an hour or so. You can always ask for a soothing mask afterwards to negate any redness. Enjoy!
We have just taken on the skinbase machine and i have to say my experience felt very much like a little hoover all over my face but slightly prickly just into my jaw line. So far the strongest reaction after treatment is being a bit pink especially to the more targeted areas, but this seems to fade quite quickly. My personal experience (in terms of results) after 3 treatments my pores were about 50% smaller. HTH xx
thanks for the replys :)
I think i'll book in a session, i was always worried as i didn't know what would happen to my skin, lol
I'll let you know how i get on.

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