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Feb 14, 2009
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How annoying now Millennium Nails are at it selling a cut price lamp and. Gel polish set for next to nothing!

After investing over £600 on OPI Gelcolor, I'm still making my money back to pay for it all. Gurr

Although I I have to say nothing compares to OPI or a professional application.

It's just still very annoying.
Annoying? maybe, but it won't affect you and your business, so why let it get to you.

There are loads of deals and different hings out there, and to be honest I don't look at them, I wouldn't know about half of them if people didn't post about them on here.

Thats because I don't need to know...I just concentrate on my business and work away quite happily using a proper pro system which delivers, and my clients are happy and recommend me.
A new client booking in with you on a recomendation from a regular is worth far more than anyone booking in from a cheap discount deal.
Yes I totally agree, you can get cheap salon treatments at home in everything these days but ultimately, nothing beats a good professional doing the treatment for you.

Its about the whole experience isn't it.

Anyway their website is broken lol. Idiots! I wouldn't spend my money on something only to realise I can't order!
270 more messers who will show us up for what we are - skilled professionals
i'm actually really peeved because last year at the professional beauty show in birmingham i bought millennium gel polish and lamp, its not the same lamp as in the picture and the bottles arent the same. i got told it was a professional only product, a few months after i bought it all i noticed they were selling it on their website to anyone which annoyed me but it was expensive so i thought people wouldnt bother. i think the polish and lamp is excellent, does its job, lovely colours, lasts perfectly.... i have a large client base for it. i wont be buying anymore though and i will be converting to a different brand. grrr feel so stupid for buying it now!
Got a feeling im going to get shunned for saying this... Guilty of buying! Complete my vrq in 8 weeks after which i want to be SE, yet to do gel polish training but whats the harm in using this to practice, safer than bluesky shellac! Doubt id choose a product so easily available to the public though i did notice in the trade section a different line of gel polish that wasnt available to retail, maybe thats what you bought

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