Minimum call out charge for mobile treatments?


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Jun 2, 2007
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Hi all,
On my first post, a couple of weeks ago, some of you advised that I should do a minimum call out charge for 'small' treatments. For example my lip wax is £6, if I did a minimum charge of £10, then it would be worth my while putting the couch up.

My only problem is wording this on the price list. I was going to put ' There will be a minimum charge of £10 for home visits', but my hubby said that sounds like £10 is going to be added on to any treatment they have at home. How do I make it sound that this only applies to treatment under £10?

What have you other mobile therapists got on your treatment lists?

Grateful for any suggestions

Instead of saying minimum charge, say minimum service charge/cost.
I put on "there is a minimum charge of £20, this can be made up by more than one person"
For treatments of less than £10 a small call out fee will be applicable :D
You may aswell just put that eyebrow shapes and lip waxes etc are £10, instead of confusing things by writing about a call out charge.
You could try a note that says "a minimum treatment value of £10 applies for all home visits"...

just different wordings of the same thing.
i second minipig- you cant misinterpret that!
Thanks guys, I knew you'd know what to do!

Also can I just tell you all that my first Dermalogica order came in today, I'm soOOOOO excited!!!!

Many Thanks again

When I got my dermalogica opening order I was in the salon til near on early hours, setting all displays etc, I too was excited beyond words. I dont know what stopped me from kipping in the salon (apart from the not being able to have a shower thing!).Good luck xx:biggrin: