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Apr 2, 2010
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could anyone tell me where i can get a picture of all the minx designs, so i can put it on my website?

And whether im allow to do that?i want people to have a look at all the designs before they come in so i can order if i dont have there chosen design in stock/

Sweetsquared have a booklet you can buy showing all of the minx designs. If you have an account with them just give them a call and they should be able to help you.:)
I usually just direct them towards Minx if they are able to acccess the internet but I also have one of the new catalogues that Anne Marie mentions as well
thanks girls, i will have a look in the online shop if not i will ring
thanks girls, i will have a look in the online shop if not i will ring

The MINX booklet S2 have produced is a classy item ... beautifully printed on heavy glossy paper and each Minx design has been photographed separately on a round nail tip to really give a realistic view of what the Minx will look like once applied to a curved nail surface ... so much more realistic than flat images.

I really recommend you get The Minx brochure (or two) to have in your reception area or with you in your kit so that your clientc can browse.

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