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Feb 26, 2012
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Hi All

Just wondered with minx nails can you just use a hair dryer to set the adeasive or do i need a lamp, tried watching some you tube vids and they all seems to be using her dryers. does this really work?
It works, lol. But its not very professional looking.

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It does work. I have a mini hair dryer with another wrap system but never use it. I don't think it looks professional xxxx if you are going to use minx you might just aswell get the lamp xxx
Yes I too can confirm it works. I don't offer Minx professionally but I do them sometimes on my daughter and they stay on for weeks.

If I was going to offer it as a service I would def get the lamp:wink2:
I do Minx professionally and I use a hot air gun which is available from craft stores.
I've had no clients suggest it looks unprofessional and the clients keep coming back. In fact some have said 'what a good idea'
I am mobile and space, storage and weight are all important issues for me.
Craft Hot air gun vs blow dryer is like a Kupa or RAM vs a hardware store dremel.
One just LOOKS better on your table. My clients would not think anything of it, either, but some ppl might. so I suggested it. :)
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I use a heat lamp. I've been told that the blowing heat from the hairdryer can dry out the adhesive. Plus the lamp can be directed on to your clients hands and feet (which warms them up) which adds to the treatment.

You can also get them nice and hot with the minx lamp with a dryer they are flapping all over the place you can tell how hot they are!

And also the unwanted noise!! And having to turn it on and off ll the time!!

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Thanks for all your help :)
i use a hairdryer for now, cant afford a lamp at the min, and it does the trick,
my clients think its hilarious and their minx stays on for ever so jobs a good un lol x
This isn't going to make me very popular, but hey ho! :biggrin:

I think the only time it's OK to use a hairdryer is in a hair salon.

The Minx lamp is not expensive, looks very professional and you will get the best results by using it.

When clients come into my salon they are expecting to get a professional service. I make what I do look very easy and I've often had clients say they'd love to do it themselves.

Using a hair dryer would only give them ideas... as Minx is so easy to do, they would think it all the easier if I used a hairdryer, as they have one themselves at home.

That's just my opinion of course.
I've been doing nails for yonks, but have never done Minx before and going to introduce it to my salon given it's all the craze and we've been asked a few times for it.

Now this may seem a right stupid question, but from the tutorials I have watched online, it looks as though you just need to heat the minx under a lamp to make it softer to work with - therefore, can you just use any lamp heat to warm them up or does it have to be infrared?? ie, can I use for example a standard desk lamp??! Sorry if I am being a right dummy!! The actual Minx lamps are around the £140 mark and so wondering if there is a cheaper option (not a hairdryer though!!)

Thank you x
I use Philips infrared heat lamp off amazon works a treat :) need to leave it a bit before hand to warm up. Xx
I just use a desk lamp as it does get quite warm - I have my own salon and have had no comments about it being unprofessional. It does what its supposed to and I dont have any problems with my Minx xx