Minx Training Deals


Done my research and decided Im going to introduce Minx. Do we need to do training? Ive been trying various ones inc trendy wraps but I like the minx


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:D I wish I did know everything, I wouldnt be working so hard:)

but I take your point on board, thanks for the replyx

Is there something I should no??????

I know im sometimes slow to react to things is it to do with Minx ??


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No one HAS to do the Minx training.

I can't think of any intelligent reason WHY anyone wouldn't do the training for complete success but there you go. Leave that one up to you and your own good sense.

I hadn't trained when I first used Minx ... but I certainly have since and I would have avoided a few pitfalls has I done training with an expert first .. my problem was, there was no one TO train me. lol WE took on Minx and only had the training video to go by. If you are a real pro that might suffice to begin with. But the video doie not include layering and other cool techniques nor does it include anything about odd shaped toes and fingers, high arched nails and wonky nails or how to deal best with them.Minx