Minx - Your top tips?


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Oct 22, 2007
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Hi All,

I am soon to be doing Minx :) & have read as many "Minx threads" as I can, but just wondered what are you top tips when it comes to Minx?
Be it as a therapist or client?

Any helpful tips would be great to learn. x:hug:x
Anyone? :cry:
All you minxers on here, anyone care to share their top tips, however big or small? x
Hi Emma are you in the Minx group? Lots of photos and ideas in there! Teebster is a fabulous minxer!:)
Top Tips ---

  • Do any trimming while the Minx is still on the sheet
    Lift the Minx with the points of your scissors and place using the scissors to minimize handling
    Work slowly and methodically under Minx heat when smoothing
    Do not over stretch the Minx when applying - just keep taut
    Do not show a client too many designs - they will be happy to choose from a few
Hi Andrea, yes I have joined the Minx lovers group & have look through all the lovely photos & read all the posts, was just after some extra tips on anything to do with Minx x:hug:x

Gigi - Thank you very much, just what I was after, fantastic tips, apart from the "do not overstretch" I never new the other tips. x:hug::hug:x

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