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Dec 16, 2003
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Bondsville, West Yorkshire
Dear me - doing research for my assignment at college and look what i found - yet again supposed qualified tech i assume how are mis informed - but draw your own opinions

Quote from web site- The first thing that you notice when you walk into the Belles Femmes Studio is that there are no noxious odors coming from harsh chemicals that most other nail salons use. That is because Belles Femmes does not use Acrylic Nails in their Nail Studio that would give off dangerous chemical odors and damage the natural nail. This salon only uses the non-toxic natural looking Gel Nails.

Disadvantages of Acrylic Nails:
Tends to yellow or discolor
Extremely unpleasant odor
Primer = ACID is usually required for bonding. Natural nails become very damaged and weak.
Sensitive to solvents (Polish remover, water, household chemicals, etc.)
Product may shrink as it hardens, which can become very painful
Acrylic nails are very hard and have the tendency to lift more easily; breaks are much more painful and damaging to natural nail. end of quote

arrh why do salons market themselves in this way it damages the industry as a whole and acheives nothing....hope i'm okay quoting this if not sorry Geek
Thought I would dig this relic of post out considering the recent article in Best, I am still bewildered that another professional, would make such bold and untrue statements...
For EVER nail techncians who dont do Liquid/powder nails have used this type of scare tactic to hype their own business .... and Liquid/powder users have said bad things in return about wraps and gels, rather than to do the smart thing and become skillful themselves at using all of the different systems so that they can satisfy every customer and offer customised service.

Trouble is, allot of what is said here is true. There are many low end L/P lines that do yellow, do need to use use acid primer, do shrink and become painful, do smell horrible, are very painful when broken and require much agression to the nail plate for the product to stick ... etc.

What is doesn't say is that there are other brands of L/P that do none of these things.

There are many harsh and agressive hair products too, but the up market salons do not use this type of product preferring to use more technologically advanced systems. JUST THE SAME AS NAILS!! Why don't people see it????
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