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Apr 15, 2006
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I have a cut and blow client who colours her own hair ( box colour ) at the mo she's made a right pigs ear of it !!! She's 100% white with 1 inch re growth, then a band of red, a pinky red, then it continues on to roughly a 66/45 then on to a flat 4 ! Nice eh ! Now she want me to colour it to approx a 5. Now she's not prepared to have it stripped, she just wants for me to apply to roots each time so it can steadily grow out. Would you advise just popping in a 5/00 koleston ?
Bless her, lol. If she is 100% grey then you should defiantly use at least mix whatever colour she wants 50/50 with an intense colour. Shame she won't let you colour all of it
There's no need to strip her whole hair anyway. Surely u can talk her into having a soap cap just on the 4 or failing that just put a 10.0 on the 4 with 12% that will lift it up n recolour with the double 5. It doesn't sound bad really just be assertive and confident because surely she'd want a consistent colour. If she isn't willing to listen to your professional opinion refuse to do it. It only makes you look bad as she is a walking advertisement for you. She obviously isn't bothered about her hair that much considering how horrific it sounds just don't do it if your not happy about it. I wouldn't she probably just wants a dye thrown on it to save money.
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There isn't much difference between a 4 and a 5, I would use a 5level get coverage + a drop of mahogany gold on the roots
A 5 level over the red/pink band
And bleach wash the ends for a second (before doing the colour) if she lets you..

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