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May 7, 2009
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1- Is it possible to mix different brands of waxes? I have a 1000cc Hive heater and when the wax reach to an inch in the pot I have to throw it out to fill it with a new wax, such a waste! I'm trying different kinds of wax to see which one I like. Is it possible to just fill it with a new wax and mix them?!

2- Most waxes come in plastic container, is it possible to put it in the pot? doesn't it melt? I mean the container?

Sorry I'm just new in waxing!
If your trying different waxes why would you want to mix them? And in general no, mixing waxes is probably a very bad idea.

They are made of different products, you don't know how they will interact and they will all have slightly different melting points.

The 800g tins provided by Hive and Perron Rigot both fit directly into the heater no problem so you can use them without having to decant the wax.

Can I ask why you're throwing out the wax when the pot gets low? If you use the same wax you can either top up the tin so its usable (which is what I do), or keep them aside until you have a few and decant them into one. You're throwing away some of your profit otherwise. Don't do that, it all mounts up at the end of the day. hth :green:
Don't mix different brands.

If your wax is in a plastic container, you can always heat is in the microwave and pour it into the metal bucket that comes with the heater. xx
Thanks Kim I didn't know I could put them in microwave, I thought just some special waxes can be microwaved.

Does anyone have any opinion about Hive Options Tea Tree Cream Wax???
I have some clients with very sensitive skin and dry patches..
I use Hive Tea Tree Cream wax and I think that it is lovely, so do my customers. With the plastic containers I have in the past put them into the wax heater and has been fine, make sure you take the wax container out first though as it gets stuck I didnt first time lol! I tend to stick to the same wax now so when I am low I heat another pot like Kim says and add more in.:lol:

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