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Dec 4, 2003
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Hi! I'm Sam. I'm new to the site and LOVE IT!
You all seem like a really friendly bunch!
I have a great local magazine and am friends with the publisher. I would like to write an article on MMA but not sure how to go about it? I made a rough draft but need to be able to properly back it up? Does anyone have any ideas? :?

.... Just realised - I think I wrote this in the nail art section..sorry! I'm new! Make sure it goes in 'general next time!
Thank you Ruth! That seems perfect! I''l let you know how I get on!
Sam xx :D
A Huge welcome to the best place to sit
go to
and seach the articles there. There will be dozens on the subject of mma. And the great thing is the read the different writing styles and the different methods of presenting the information and the forms that they take in being educational.
From that, you should be able to develope your own personal presentation.
Sorry, only just found this post so its a bit late now.

Got loads and loads of MMA stuff if you need it. I have written mag and newspaper articles if you want copies. Just PM me your address. Sign my petition to ban MMA if you get a mo, Thanks!

Regards, Rachel
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