mobile beauty therapist

  1. Abbie's Beautyful Treats

    Mobile and treatment room price list

    Morning geeks, I’m a mobile therapist but I’m just about to start using a treatment room as well Does anyone else do this as I’m wandering if you have different prices for the treatment room and mobile? Thanks
  2. nghtshd3

    Looking for mobile start up advice

    Hey, thanks for checking out my thread :) xo The process of being self employed is so tricky. Thankfully I had the opportunity of lots of help with my business plan and cash flow etc, so my business plan just got approved today which is epic! My business cards and flyers arrived the other day...
  3. L

    Start up mobile beauty

    Hi all! I am in the process of setting up my own mobile beauty business (UK). Just wondered if anyone had any hints/ tips and any personal experiences. Thanks :)
  4. ClaireFallowfield

    Manicure and gel polish course

    Hi guys, I have booked myself onto a manicure course and then a gel polish course, for the beginning of October. I'm so excited as wanted to do this for years. I was wondering what you guys bought for your mobile businesses? As want to slowly build up a client base. I know I'm going to need the...
  5. M

    How do I go from mobile to opening a salon?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post and I would really appreciate some friendly, professional advice... So I'm a L2&3 NVQ qualified beauty therapist and have been running my own mobile business for almost 2 years now after working 2 years in the salon (employed). I am doing extremely well, a...
  6. L

    Mobile therapist tips

    Hey everyone! I’m quite new here and also new to the business aspect of things. I’m currently transitioning into aesthetics as a registered nurse and I have a few courses lined up (dermaplaning and microdermabrasion). I plan to do mobile services for my clients and I’m based in Kent but not to...
  7. Soph_beauty

    Lash lifting

    Hi, I’ve been wanting to do lash lifting for a while now as I am a mobile business. At first I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do lifting or extensions but I’ve come to the conclusion that lifting will fit in with my current personal life. However, I don’t know what brand to go for in lifting. I...
  8. swanseanat88

    Mobile beauty to now room rent in salon, kids half term and hours

    Hi all So I’ve been qualified for 11 years in beauty and holistics Worked in salons for employers and worked on a cruise liner. And for the past 8 years I’ve been full on mobile. I absolutely do love mobile on the grounds of you go somewhere different everyday and that BUT I hate lugging all...
  9. A

    Microblading mobile

    Hello I just got contact from K.P brow who said that I'd have to be in a shop or rent a room to do microblading and I wouldn't be able to do this mobile? Is this correct or is this something they maybe have to suggest for their own public liability... Thanks
  10. Charlie Owen

    Just starting and don’t know what to do!

    Hi everyone! I have just qualified as a beauty therapist and I am very excited to get started . The problem is I am really unsure on how to get started ......currently i am working part time and don’t have loads of money to rent my own shop. I was thinking about renting a room, doing it from...
  11. V

    Qualifications when travelling overseas?

    I am new to the industry (and posting on SG). I work on the side of my "normal job" and have a small customer base do waxing, lashes + brows and massage. I wondered if anyone has used their qualifications whilst travelling overseas? Mostly, I want to know how difficult it is to obtain...
  12. R

    Mobile waxing - new, help!

    Hello, (I’m very new to all of this please be kind) I have just started mobile spray tanning and I’m just about to start doing mobile waxing. Does anyone have any advice for mobile waxing? I’ve got a lightweight massage bed that folds down. And all my equipment I just need a good trolley to...
  13. C

    Cruelty free skincare?

    Hey guys, Newly qualified, just starting out mobile. Does anyone use cruelty free facial skin care products mid to high range. Want to go the cruelty free/vegan route but it’s a bit overwhelming, so if you know of any? Preferably with a good following and that actually do what they say. Any...
  14. H

    How did you set up your business?

    I would love to hear everyone's story of how they set up their beauty business!! I am currently employed and have experience behind me and wanting to set up on my own. I don't know if to set up doing mobile or from home (just be from my lounge so not professional) to gain some clients before...
  15. amyturtle

    Do I need insurance?

    Hi! I have a full time job (not in beauty therapy), but trained as a beauty therapist a few years ago and still do treatments on friends and family. I'm looking at doing a few more clients after work (maybe one or two a week so not loads) but hopefully will build it up. I'm just wondering what I...