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Nov 10, 2003
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Hi Guys

Just received my December copy of Sallys offers and was wondering what you thought of the manicure trolley. Will this be ok to do nail extensions on? Do any of you have it? what kind of chair/ stool should I buy?

Please let me know what you think!

Thanks :D
Hi Melanie. Do you have a pikkie of it? I'm interested myself though I haven't got the sally brochure. Are you able to post a pikkie of it at all?

Hi Tamm

I do have a picture but have not got the equipment to post it sorry! Hopefully someone will read this and be able to help :?

Melanie :D
Does anyone have a website address for Sallys cos my nearest one is FAR from me... :rolleyes: :D
Hi Claire

Just checked the booklet and I can't find a web address, but it says there is a delivery service available in most stores call 0800 525 118 for details

Hope this helps :D

Where did you get your I do nails badge from?
Hi Melanie

I have the table from Sallys...had it 6 months and it is great. Very sturdy it is actually on wheels but is stable even on laminate flooring! It is just the right size and height and fits in the boot of my Ford Ka just right. Good value for money.

ps comes with a drawer(which I don't use) and a light which clips to the table...although it has what seems to be an American plug, so havn't used light either.....if u do buy let me know if u find a bulb and get the light working with the plug!!
Hi Melanie,

Thanks for the number! :D

There are a few different ones...

Thanks Paula I am definately going to buy it I have a Citroen Saxo so at least I know will fit!

Will let you know about the light

Thanks :D

I also have the same table bought from Sally's and it is great!! it sits nicely on my parcel shelf!!!

I'm in the same boat with the lamp! - also i keep forgetting there is a drawer!

Hi Guys

I,ve looked at the brochure from Sallys and it doesn't say that the lamp is included is this still the same table?

Melanie :D
Hi Melanie

It does not state it has a lamp......probably cause it is no use if u can't get it to work :D .
It is definitley the same table as I have had the Sallys brochure this month and seen it in £49 i believe.
Hi Paula

You are probably right, maybe its hidden in the drawer!

I was typing this reply last night and I suddenly had a power cut, could it be the curse of the lamp?

I was also wondering what chairs do you use? How long have you been a nail tech?

My clients provide me with my chair - otherwise i will have sooo much to carry - i have a problem as it is and now i am pregnant finding it even harder!!!!

Hi melanie

My clients also provide me with a chair...I trainded in Feb this year and began working on the public about June time...I love it!

ps the cursed lamp gave me a giggle :(
hi ya paula what system do you use and have you managed to build up a very big cleint base yet? :D my phone has been busy with appointments this week which is great :D how about everyone else have you all gone crazy (busy i mean not nuts :D ;) )
I use Creative L& mobile round is growing and have been taking Xmas bookings over the last 3 weeks which is great....will have to be organised this year. How about u, what system do u use.
well hun i use the fab fabric# and creative L&P got a set of fabric# to do tommorrow after i have soaked off an old set of L&P that she had done at a nail bar in southampton so im hoping i dont get any nasty surprises as this will be my first booking with her i also have her mums nails to do the following friday so fingers crossed! :shock: definatly want to get my mitts on one of the mobile tables from sallys its just getting there! does anyone know if they are open on sundays? :D

Does anyone have a phone number for sally's so that I can find my nearest branch, thanks

For details of your nearest store contact 0800 525118. To get your trade card u will need to produce a certificate and photo ID (passport/driving license).

Yes, it is open Sundays while 4pm.
hi girls well i got my table today the one from sallys i phoned up my nearest sallys and they delivered it delivery was only £3.75 for next day bargin ;) would have cost me more in petrol to go and get it as its about 20miles away so i was chuffed to save myself the effort! :D
just the right height as all you girls out there who have one said! the lamp is quiet good to but like you say it has a weird plug on it has anyone managed to get this going yet? its a two pin job but looks much smaller than the usual two pin plugs wonder where i can get an adaptor for that from any clues do we know its actually an american plug or just hazzarding a guess? no more back aches :goal:
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